Bord’Eau – Amsterdam (Revisited)

Last February, I returned to Amsterdam on a work trip and we decided to pay another visit to the fantastic Bord’Eau restaurant. We’d had such a fantastic lunch experience the year before that opting for a full tasting menu in the evening with wine pairing was an easy decision for us and I’m happy to say it was a great one.

We were welcomed by the Maitre d’and seated next to the window with a great view of the canal. We ordered the taster menu and wine pairing for each course to get a full experience and the Sommelier explained each wine in turn as the evening went on, often adding in extra details such in his preparation he sampled different shaped glasses as the shape changed the way the wine tasted.

As the evening went on and more courses were brought to us, we recognised a few familiar dishes (the Steak Tartar with faux bone marrow for one). The bread was also unforgettable, we were told a story about the olive oil. The chef had apparently tasted it a few years back and found out the supplier only produced a very limited number of bottles each year but the chef had been so impressed with it, he purchased every bottle on an exclusive agreement for all the bottles every year. It really was incredible.

The stand out courses for me were the North Sea Crab, the Langoustine and from the deserts the Salted caramel. Once again a great meal that couldn’t really be faulted, the fact that you are served several amuse bouches before evening ordering really creates a sense of good value and i enjoyed every minute of it. The 6 course taster menu comes in at around 108 Euros per head and the wine pairing is an additional 60ish Euros if i remember correctly.


The meal : –

Chicken broth jelly with spring onion

Beetroot baked in salt, with Wassabe ice cream

Dutch oyster champagne cream rye bread

Steak Tartar with faux bone marrow made from potato, kaluga caviar

North Sea Crab, smoked avocado, deep fried crab claw dumpling

Langoustine sauvignon sauce, duck liver liquid nitrogen spiral carrot orange

Noki aged Parmesan cheese white truffle chicken broth

Turbot red wine sauce

Chicken black truffle duck liver Cooked in chicken juice sauce. Pickled lemon and white Radish on top

Salted caramel

Jerusalem artichoke ice cream black truffle Chocolate mouse


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