Buenos Aires Restaurant – Reigate

One of my favourite Steak places is Buenos Aires Restaurant in Reigate. I’ve been on several occasions now and tried all their variations of Steaks in a sharing platter. The Sharing platter was a really great way to experience the range of flavours and textures, the 4 Steaks on offer are, Cuadril (Prime Rump Steak) Chorizo (Prime Sirloin Steak) Ancho (Prime Rib-Eye Steak) and the Lomo (Finest Prime Fillet Steak).

The Ancho was by far the tastiest Steak on the list, its packed with flavour but for me you can’t beat the melt in your mouth texture of the rare Lomo Steak. What’s great about Buenos Aires Restaurant is they really cook the Steaks perfectly. You know if you request a Bleu Steak that is exactly what you’ll get.

Would recommend this place to anyone who finds themselves in Reigate. They have a great Wine selection too and you know you’re going to have a great meal from the moment you walk through the door.

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