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Hull City 1 – 2 Tottenham Hotspur 23/11/2014

This was the second time I’d been to Hull, the first being the 1-5 win back in 2009. After a short stop off for a KFC lunch we made our way to the Brickmakers pub and caught the second half of the Palace – Liverpool game. As the pub started filling out, a small group of Hull fans started “oh when the Hull go marching in”, it backfired on them a little as it was met with the majority of the pub continuing with “when the Spurs go marching in” and that was the start of several Spurs songs. It didn’t quite match the boisterous nature of the Villa prematch pub but nevertheless it set the mood for what was to come during the game.


We made the short walk across the park to the stadium, the away section had been moved, so instead of being directly behind the goal it was further to the right but it didn’t seem to restrict the atmosphere by segmenting the fans too much like other grounds sometimes do. Our fans were in good voice early on, some slow build up songs and after Livermore put Hull one up the Hull fans found their voices. It took a while for our boys to get going again, but once we started “Pochetinho’s Blue and white army” it was pretty much non stop from then until the end of the game. Our 3 ex players, Daws, Livermore and Huddlestone were all given applause, the biggest being for Tommy’s corners. You could tell he did appreciate it and it’s one of the things I’ve always liked about being a Spurs fan, we usually give a decent reception to our ex players (Judas being an exception). Ginola at Villa and Paul Robinson at Blackburn being memorable occasions where ex players have shown their appreciation.


There were a few voices of discontent at half time, mainly targeting our defence or rather lack of. With Fazio being the main target, he admittedly looked shaky at the back. As the second half kicked off a Levy out banner was held up, and a few songs of “we want Levy out” was met with a mixed reaction and some murmurs around us. To be honest, I was in two minds and decided not to join in. After the sending off we were on the up, the introduction of Lennon added some much needed width and an Eriksen freekick came back off the post for Harry ‘He’s one of our own’ Kane to finish it off. With the time ticking down their goalkeeper was taking longer and longer to take his goalkicks, the referee had a word with him but didn’t seem to put him off and he continued up until the point where Eriksen fired us in front with a well placed shot from 25 yards. We went absolutely mental, another late goal looked  to have settled it. Their keeper suddenly sprung to life and was very quick at taking goalkicks and retrieving the ball, something that was met with ironic cheers from the Spurs faithful.


The referee blew for full time, and we headed home with another 3 glorious away points and smiles all round…



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