Sheffield United 2 – 2 Tottenham Hotspur (Agg 2-3) 28/01/2015

This game had many echos of the 2009 League Cup Semi Finals against Burnley. A very wet cold evening up North (albeit not too far North from my house) going into the second leg ahead against a battling lower league team.  I had the afternoon off work, met up with my Dad and traveled up to Sheffield. We met up with a few friends before the game at the Sheaf Island Weatherspoons just round the corner from Bramall Lane There was a mix of fans in there, but more Spurs than Sheffield United fans. The city in general had been taken over by Spurs fans, 5500 Spurs in total. we finished off our pints, stepped outside into the rain and made the short journey over to the stadium.

From the first minute our fans were in great voice, we had a bit of banter with “Ched Evans… he’s one of your own” and mid way into the first half Eriksen scored a glorious freekick from what looked like an impossible angle. For the first time in the evening, I felt a little more relaxed. This wasn;t the Tottenham of old, this was the new look Tottenham, we could finish the job.














Second half they found some confidence and we couldn’t seem to find that killer pass, they made some changes and their substitute came on and scored 2 goals in as many minutes. We couldn’t throw this away now could we? Their fans found voice with ‘Everywhere we go’ songs on repeat and we trued to muster some support for the team. As the game approached the 90 minute mark, and extra time started looming, up stepped Christian Eriksen once again, who did well to stay on side and calmly slot a precise shot into the far corner. We had done it! Harry Kane and Mason celebrating at the end, like the fans in the stand.

On the way out of the ground, we took their “Everywhere we go” chant and sang it all the way home…


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