The Damned Utd – David Peace

The film, ‘The Damned United’ with Michael¬†Sheen is possibly one of my favourite films. It’s my ‘go to’ film if I can’t find anything else to watch, I admire Sheen and his outstanding ability of taking on the role of someone who has been in the public eye. Upon watching again the other week it suddenly occurred to me I had never read the book that the film is based on. I remember reading a while back that the Clough family were not impressed with either book or film and wanted nothing to do with it. A quick Google search told me that there are quite a few stories that are simply untrue and the book exaggerated these stories more than the film. This lead to some intrigue and I purchased the book on the kindle store.

I’ve only just started the story but I’ll update this post once I have completed it with my thoughts on the style, content and stories.

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