Top 5 most memorable dishes

I must admit this is difficult not to dominate my top 5 with dishes from both the Fat Duck and Waterside Inn. Both meals were simply faultless but that said I’ve chosen my top 5 most memorable dishes rather than top 5 dishes. There are dishes I ate when I was younger where I can’t remember exactly what was in them but the visual presentation or taste have never left me. A memorable dish So without further ado I present my top 5 most memorable dishes in no particular order…


  1. Fresh Dorset Crab tower with Smoked Salmon – Hambleton Hall
  2. Lamb with Cucumber, Green Pepper and Caviar Oil – The Fat Duck
  3. Roasted leg of Lamb – Waterside Inn
  4. Steak tartare with goat cheese and basil pesto – Le Barbue d’Anvers
  5. Scallops ‘cru’ from Erquy and black truffle – Bord’eau



Notable mentions

  • Goats cheese Soufflé with tomato, mint and balsamic vinaigrette – Hambleton Hall
  • Roast Foie Gras, Barberry, Confit Kombu and Crab Biscuit – The Fat Duck
  • ‘Bone Marrow’ with a strip of Veal tartare and Kaluga caviar – Bord’eau

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