Tottenham 1 – 2 Leicester FA CUP 24/01/2015

From the minute we drew Leicester in the FA cup we made the decision we would go. My Dad had a few friends from Leicester attending and we parked up in our usual spot at Cheshunt station and got the train in. Our first port of call was the Bill Nicholson pub, we had a few pints, but it was quiet in there, so we decided to move on. I hadn’t eaten any breakfast but was saving myself for a salted beef bagel from ‘Scandal’s’ across the road on the Park Lane. Sadly it wasn’t open, I’m guessing due to it being a cup game, so instead I sampled to delights of the new menu in the Bricklayers. This consisted of a very average burger that cost £7.99, joy!

We headed to the ground and our fans were in full voice, after Andros’ penalty put us one up, it was ‘Spurs are on their way to Wembley’ and ‘Wembley Wembley, we’re the famous Tottenham Hotspsur and we’re going to Wembley!”. I was fortunate enough to be sat next to two guys who wanted to start all the songs, It was great to be right at the start of a chant that spread and rippled throughout the stadium. White Hart Lane has always been good for this, when songs really get going the ground starts rocking. One of the guys even managed to get the muppet show song going for Fazio ‘O Fazio, do do do do do’. The Leicester fans were quiet, apart from a decision were they felt they should have earned a penalty and the referee gave a yellow for a dive, we didn’t hear them at all. Strange they would bring so many yet offer no support. Our fans grew despondent with the lack of banter from the Leicester fans so we began to sing with each other, Park Lane singing to Shelf Side and vice versa, even the Paxton got involved at one stage.

As the game went on, Paulinho squandered a few decent chances and we felt we were never going to get that all important second goal that would have put us out of site. In the end the inevitable away goal came and with minute left on the clock, a tame shot at Vorm was spilt into the net. It was actually comical. Cue the Leicester fans, who had found their voices after 82 minutes of silence, they even set off a couple of flares (bless them).

In the end, the fixture build-up had finally caught up with us and our team of fringe/second string players didn’t offer enough going forward to see the game off. I left the ground but wasn’t too upset as we had the Semi final of the Capital One Cup coming up on the following Wednesday and I had a ticket….

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